Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Christmas in July Party Recap

The Christmas in July Party Recap

Hello Wizards!

Last Saturday, 7/22/2017, I hosted my first ever large Wizard101 party! In June, I announced this party on my blog, and the word had definitely spread throughout the #Twizard community! A few days before the party, I worked quite hard towards finishing up any last minute decorating, creating the party games, and deciding how I wanted the party to flow. I feel like all the hard work that was put into this day really paid off in the end! I gave out a ton of packs to those who came, and an Avalon's Outlaw Bundle was also given to a lucky Winner! Below, I will give a few GREAT screenshots that you guys sent me on Saturday!

First, I will start with the pre-party meet-up! Some of the best screenshots I received were from wizards who took them at the meet-up spot. The spot was outside the ice school, in Kelvin Realm. I think a few of you may have met some new friends at this spot which I am so happy about! I love it when we all meet new friends at events like this!

This amazing screenshot was sent in by @Scarlet735 on Twitter!

Thank you @MLG_Sloth_Lail for sending in this great shot!

I love this screenshot @jamessbear! Thank you for sending it in!

Alright, those were a few of the awesome meet-up screenshots I got! I loved seeing all of your mounts in the photos since I wasn't able to see them at the party because we all unequipped them! Once the time reached 2:00 PM Central Time, I hopped onto my life wizard, Austin Dreamcatcher, to port you all to my Winter Wind Tower! Here, we began by playing a few rounds of Fire elf tag while all the housing items loaded in for everyone.

Thank you all for the nice comments you left about my choice of decorations in the Winter Wind Tower. I feel like the Christmas themed rooms added a lovely touch to the feel of the party, and it got everyone pumped to play the first game!

Our first game was sort of like of a scavenger hunt. I would give a clue, then you guys would have to find the housing item! Easy enough? Well, not so much. There were 350 housing items inside to choose from, so some of the cryptic clues resulted in up to ten minutes until an answered was guessed. It was a great time, and I really enjoyed watching all your answers fly into my chat text box!

Here are a few of the beautiful and amazing screenshots you guys sent in at the Winter Wind Tower, along with a few of my own screenshots from the party!

This is definitely one of my favorite screenshots @Tara_Windwalker! Thank you for sending it to me!

This is one of mine, and it was when we all joined to make a large mass of people during the first game!

@SimonWizard1 sent this screenshot in with the description "Campfire Puzzles." I love it!

Here is another quick shot of the party from me! I took this in between one of the game rounds :)

After we played the scavenger hunt game, we played a difficult round of tag, then we went outside! This game was a bit easier since there were fewer items outside than there were inside. Either way, it was still a great time, and I enjoyed gifting packs to all the winners! I hope some of you guys got good items. Here is a quick screenshot I took from when we were playing some of the outside games.

This was taken during the middle of a round of the outdoor scavenger hunt game! I had so much fun!

Once we finished this game, it was time for the final game of the night! We played a teleporter game through many of my houses. The first six people to make it through all the houses and end up teleporting to the secret spot would win a pack of choice and be entered into the Avalon Outlaw's Bundle giveaway!

The maze definitely was a bit difficult. There were seven houses to travel through, and each one only had one teleporter each. The houses included were the Marleybone estate, the Red Barn Farm, the Acropolis, the Sultan's Palace, the Botanical Gardens, the Pyramid of Lost Horizon, and the new Outlaws Refuge. Between the start of the game and the time the sixth wizard had made it through to the end, over 25 minutes had passed!

With the end of that game, the end of the party followed. We gathered to take a few more screenshots and pick the winner of the Avalon's Outlaw Bundle (congratulations Blaze Blade for winning!) I will show some of the wrap-up screenshots below :)

I took this screenshot with some of you guys. We gathered in a close line in front of the castle!

Here is another amazing angle from our little line of wizards! Thank you @SimonWizard1 for another great shot!

This was the outside the faire ground area of the castle. I took it towards the end of the party :)

In all, this event was a huge success because of you guys! Thank you so much to those who attended, and even those who couldn't, but still helped spread the word. I enjoyed all of your company, and I love how this event lasted nearly 3 hours! It was great fun, and I hope you guys thought so too! I took a few pictures of the tweets you sent my way, and I want to include them at the end of this post :) I didn't receive any negative comments about this party, so I really do appreciate everything that was said!

Thank you so much for the kind words Tara! I'm very glad you had fun!

Great tweet, Steven! I appreciate your nice words so very much!

Brandon OwlSword, I'm so glad you enjoyed the party! Thanks for leaving such a nice tweet :)

Another amazing tweet from Steven! Thanks so much, again!

With this recap post, the Christmas in July Party is officially over for me! I hope to be able to host more parties in the future, and I hope you all will be able to make it to them! I am going to make an announcement soon about the date and time of my next event which will be a celebration of Wizard101's birthday this September! Make sure to follow @BlazeStormfindr and @SpiralChronicls to find out all the details and be notified when a new blog post comes out! Thank you all again for your amazing support :) I hope you all have a magical day in Wizard101!


  1. Thank you for the event. Had great fun. I didn't win the bundle but did win quite a few new friends. The puzzles were very innovative and loved the race too but got horribly lost in the third house. Can't wait for the next event.

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate you kind words!!